Most of us have probably seen the unfolding events after the terrorist attack in Brussels.  It is heartbreaking to see and hear about all those innocent lives that have been snuffed out,  It is a tragedy that unfortunately plays out more frequently as years go by.

So what can we do to assist law enforcement?  Many things.  What all citizens should keep in mind is that law enforcement cannot be everywhere.  If you see something suspicious, call law enforcement immediately.  DO NOT TRY TO TAKE MATTERS INTO YOU HANDS.

Let me elaborate.  Sometime back during my morning constitutional, I was walking along the platform of the local railway station.  I noticed a small bag by the side of one of the benches on the platform.  Since no one was around, I assumed it was abandoned.  Before 9/11 I would have walked by the bag with nary a glance.  This time however, I called 911.  It turned out the owner was in the restroom and had forgotten to take his bag.  It contained innocuous material.  I certainly felt sheepish, but the officer responding assured me he was glad I did.

If you see or hear something speak up.  Call local law enforcement immediately.  It is better to be wrong a 100 times than ignore a situation and regret it later.  No one can force us to do this, but as citizens we all have a duty,

If You See Something Suspicious Speak Up – You May Avert a Tragedy