The recent earthquake has devastated Nepal. Nepal is a very poor country with very little resources. Buildings are not robust and this can be seen in the scale of the damage that the earthquake has caused. The death toll is steadily rising as rescue efforts move to more remote areas. While a few survivor stories are cause for cheer, the general feeling is one of gloom and desperation.

Nepal’s immediate neighbor, India immediately made available its resources with the Prime Minister of India promising that India and its citizens would wipe the tears from their Nepali brothers and sisters and hold their hands while they recover. Other countries, USA included has rushed relief supplies and search and rescue teams. It is heartening to see, when disaster strikes, the brotherhood of man overcomes all. Our Nepali friends deserve all the assistance they can get.

Some people are wondering how they can assist. While the country has an urgent need for food, medicines, clothing and money, getting these to the correct place is not easy. My suggestion is, if you want to help, donate money to the many non-profits or government agencies that are helping. I am not endorsing any one of the organizations I have provided links to, rather it is a service to point you in the correct direction. Your generosity will be appreciated by them and most certainly by the people of Nepal.

Thank you for supporting this noble cause.



Earthquake Devastation – You Can Help