Recently, I came across a website that useful information about earthquakes. Mentally I made a note to write a blog on earthquakes and injury prevention steps. Unfortunately, Nepal was hit by an earthquake and I decided this would be a good time to remind everyone living in earthquake prone areas that a few simple steps can make the difference between life and death.

These tips are commonsense and have been paraphrased from I urge you to visit this website and others that have useful information.

  • Ensure that your surroundings do not have objects that can fall and hurt you during an earthquake. Get rid of chemical and other movable hazards from living spaces.
  • Create a family disaster plan that gives details of how you will communicate and where you will meet post event. Business should also invest the time and money in developing a plan.
  • Make sure that disaster supplies are available in many locations. While most humans can go without food for over 10 days, water is critical for survival beyond 3 days. Many people who were trapped under debris for several days lived to tell the take because they had access to water.
  • Post-earthquake financial hardship should be a prime concern. Ensure you have adequate insurance, money etc. Important documents should be safely stored – online if possible. Businesses should have hosted DR plans because documents may not be available to use.
  • Drop, cover and hold on – if you can get under a sturdy desk of bed, it will protect you from falling objects
  • Post-earthquake evacuate if it is safe to do so. Be cautious, rubble may be unstable. Assist other who require help.
  • An important part of the recovery process is reconnecting with your neighbors, friends and the community. Assisting others not only gives a sense of personal satisfaction, it nurtures the essential ethos of the community.

Remember the scout motto “Be Prepared” for that is the key to survive the unthinkable.

Earthquakes – Simple Steps to Minimize Calamities